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Phuket Boat Lagoon
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Phuket Boat Lagoon
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Phuket Boat Lagoon
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Phuket Boat Lagoon

Phuket Boat Lagoon Timeline

1990: Search for the site begins.

Several seaside locations were investigated but found to be either too shallow on the Eastern side or too deep and exposed to the Andaman Sea on the West. By the end of 1990, the site of an old tin mine with a circular lagoon and natural channel to the ocean was selected.

1991: Work begins on the site.

Over 2000 trucks of earth were brought in to build a dam to fence off the sea water. Once the central lagoon was pumped and dried, piling was carried out to strengthen the dam.

By mid-year, the foundation stone for the first office building was laid and a lifting bay and ram were constructed by year end for the hoisting and movement of boats in and out of the marina.

1992: Construction of the boardwalk around Lagoon Quay begins.

Leftover cement pipes from the mine were filled with cement and steel rods and used to form supporting poles for the boardwalk. Meanwhile, the first “Made in Phuket” travel lift is commissioned and made using an old overhead gantry crane from the mine’s workshop. The crane was designed to lift up to 70 tons with slings that have bear a total breaking load of 80 tons.

1993: Phuket Boat Lagoon can now berth up about 50 yachts with a 76 foot sloop with a 3.5 meter draft capable of entering at high tide. A statue of Prince Chumporn, Thailand’s revered guardian and beloved Prince of the Sea, was erected to pay homage.

1994: Phuket Boat Lagoon officially opens for business with 60 yachts moored in the lagoon including a 120ft yacht. Long lasting concrete pontoons were installed by Pacific Marina marina builders.

1995: In January, the shed in front of the current Anchor Building was fully moored with 5 yachts ranging from 40-80 feet. In June, HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn, the Princess Debaratanarajasuda, visited Phuket Boat Lagoon and signed her name in the visitor’s book.

1998: Completion of Condo Residences.

2001: Completion and opening of Boat Lagoon Resort.

2006: Inaugural PIMEX Boat Show was hosted in Phuket Boat Lagoon.

2015: Opening of Boat Arcade.

2019: Phuket Boat Lagoon celebrates our 25th Year Anniversary.